For the achievement of the goals of project CB007.1.21.343 “Grounds for better future of our youth” related to development of youth related infrastructure and support of youth entrepreneurship schemes and initiatives leading to decreasing the youth migration in the CBC region the team of the project kindly asks you to fill in the present QUESTIONNAIRE.

Your answers will help us reflect the real situation in the region and more precisely:

– add insight and understanding behind the current migration trends of young adults
– Understand the series of decisions involved in the migration process and identify barriers that may prevent migration to particular locations
– Provide insight into the motivations and aspirations that lie beneath the decision to move
– Understand the role and impact of educational and career opportunities in both regional and metropolitan cities on migrations patterns

Your support will help us to elaborate a Study and analysis on the potential of the Cross-border region to reduce youth immigration which will serve as basis for initiatives related to support of the young people in the region.

Thank you for your time!